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Frequently Asked Questions

Grant awards range from USD 1,000 to USD 50,000.

Award size is typically based on the scope of the program’s impact.

• Programs that impact one community or region typically received between USD 1,000 -USD 5,000.

• Programs that expand throughout a nation or multiple countries typically receive USD 10,000 – USD 25,000.

• Annually, up to three top grants of USD 50,000 will be awarded in honor of a member’s significant volunteer impact with the charity.

No, GRANTEED Foundation is unable to provide contact information of any of our members.

GRANTEED Foundation does not award the same member or charity with consecutive year grants. Both the member sponsor and a charity must wait a year after receiving a grant before applying again to the GRANTEED Foundation. Currently, there are no lifetime award caps for either members or charities.

Knight levels are based on a donor’s lifetime giving to the GRANTEED Foundation. Giving totals include gifts, matching gifts, speaker fees and expenses donated back to the MDRT Foundation.